Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

It`s only polite of me to start this post with wishing a Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! It has been almost a year and a half since my last entry. I got caught up in anything and everything. Or maybe I was just too lazy to write. I don`t know. There have been many times I thought about writing something, but never pursued the idea. Recently one of my best friends started writing her own blog. And it inspired me to "awake" my own. Gosh so many things happened during this year and a half.

Here are kisses to all of you :)
Most people start a new year by writing their New Year`s resolutions. I am one of those people. I write them every year. Do I accomplish them? Well some yes, some no. But new year represents a  new beginning, a fresh start, opportunity to change old habits,to redeem ones self... It gives people hope.
So here are some of my resolutions, I`m not revealing all of them ;)
1. Be optimistic, happy and have a positive outlook on things
2. Get healthy (clean diet), move that lazy butt, exercise
3. Get good grades
4. Go to New York
5. Learn German
6. Do Yoga
So far hmmm well let me just say I have some work to do. What are your New Year`s resolutions?

                                                                  New Year`s Eve

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