Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ok so since my post in August 2012 a few things happened :D

1.) I visited One Direction concert in Munich in May 2013
   One Direction!
    My friend and I with our tickets :)

2.) I passed my driving test :)

3.) I had my senior prom

 4.) I sprained my ankle three months ago and it still hurts!

5.) I visited London for the second time and absolutely loved it

6.) While in London, in Madame Tussauds a guy approached me and asked if I`m Sophie Turner from GOT :D

7.) I became a huge fan of Def Leppard and a few other 80`s Hairbands

8.) I turned 19

9.) I finally visited Gardaland (amusement park in Italy). And not just once, but twice :D
And both times I had sooooo much fun!

10.) I graduated from high school

11.) And I am now a freshman at college

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