Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Kiss

They are so cute! I wish I had been there, on the street waving to the Royal Family.

Royal Wedding; Pictures

Here are some pictures I took with my phone:

I have almost captured their kiss, but TV was doing some weird squares.:

Royal Wedding

It's official! Prince William and Kate Middleton are married! Are you watching the Royal Wedding? You can watch it on the internet as well.
I have to say Kate`s dress is stunning as she is. Very beautiful wedding.  Wedding gown is  by Sarah  Burton of Alexander McQueen
Congratulations Catherine and William! 

 You can see more of pictures here :
Pictures are finally coming: source of pictures:,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer dresses

I found some cute summer dresses that I would love to have.


Chantilly Lace Dress
Floral Dress w/ Knit Lace Trim

Victoria`s Secret:

Printed Romper

Henley Maxi Dress


Candie's® Floral Dress
original $60.00 
Urban Outfiters:

 Motel Printed Lesley Dress


Voting for Fan Army of Tokio Hotel for the MTV O Music Awards

I need all Aliens to help us win this thing! You can vote here:
You can also join this group on facebook:!/event.php?eid=116465221769274&notif_t=event_wall#wall_posts

Show them that we are the best fans a band can have and that we support them!
Peace and Love!

Monday, April 25, 2011

25th of April

The first thing I did after I woke up was the thought of last night feast at my grandma. We ate so much my stomache is still so full! So how was your Easter? Did you enjoy it? I know I did.

Today was a beautiful day, it was really warm and the sun was shining. It was very relaxing day for me, I went to walk then I watched the movie What Women Wants, ate lunch and then I had to tidy my room, after that I washed my hair and now I have to dry them. After that I`ll watch TV and then go to bed, because I have to get up early tomorrow.
Good night!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

The sun is shining and I have just finished with coloring Easter eggs. And here they are:



10 days of different hair styles, DAY 4

DAY 4: This hair style I had on Friday, so I`m sorry for posting it late. I hade wavy hair:
And then later I went to the hairdresser and cut my hair for 5cm (2 inches). And now I feel like my hair is so short,haha but my friend told me that it is still long.
 Now I have Easter holidays, so I won`t be positng my hair styles because I`ll be at home. But after holiday I`ll be showing you my hair styles for every day ;)

After I cut my hair:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Burberry April Showers

Burberry wows me every time. Oh I just love those pictures and all the clothes!

10 days of different hair styles, DAY 3

DAY 3: 
I amd apologising for the bad quality of pictures. I am using my phone and the pictures are really bad quality. I`m hoping to buy camera soon so I can show you pictures in HQ.