Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lady Gaga concert in Vien, 18. 8. 2012, The Born This Way Ball

OMG! Ok so I finally took some time to write this. As you all know I`ve been to Lady Gaga`s concert last Saturday. How was it? Well it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I was taken aback when she came on stage and I started screaming so loud (just like everybody around me :D), jumping around and yes I have to admit I started to cry (not a lot but like two or three tears of happiness ). She sings sooo good live!!
I really had so much fun, like never before. This time I didn`t took a lot of pictures because all the ones I took were really poor quality and even the ones I got are really blurry. So I just said to myself ok try to get at least a few pictures, then put your camera in your purse and just have fun and enjoy the concert. So I did. It was the most crazy, fun night ever. The crowd was great, and I loved watching how people dressed in gaga-inspired clothes. I even took a picture with one of them :)
I just still can`t really believe that I saw her, but well I know I did ;)
Can`t wait for her new album and then her next tour. Lady Gaga you are a true inspiration to all of us. A world would be a much better place if everybody would be so open minded, non judgemental and free as you are. Anyway she rocked it! The Born This Way Ball was incredible!
 The ticket :)
Lady Gaga <3
 The Castle
 Me after the concert. Paws up!
Me witha  very creative fan :)

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