Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping trip to Vienna

So I had planned to stay in Vienna for 2 days, but change of plans, so unfortunately I stayed there only one day. It was still great, I really like the city`s atmosphere. First thing we did (my friend came with me) was find Starbucks because we really needed a good coffee. Then our next stop was my favorite ultimate shop forever21! We were there for around 3 hours, omg they have THE best clothes and accessories ever! I bought so many things, I don`t think I`ve ever bought that many things at once. Then it was time for Starbucks again, because we were thirsty so we ordered Refreshers :) Ok so we stopped 3 times at Starbucks, but we don`t have it in my country so I grabbed my chance :D Also we found frozen yogurt! I have been dying to try it! And I loved it! YUM! So all in all I had a very good time. Here are some pictures.
 Morning coffee :)

 Shopping! (Only one bag is mine :D)
 In our hostel for 30min :D
 Third time @Starbucks
 Fro yo!
 My precious!

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