Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tokio Hotel meets Tokyo Hotel

Allright, now you probbably know that Tokio Hotel is my favorite band. And yes a few days ago their big wish came true, the flew to Tokyo, now it was for the second time. Bill of course wowed us with his style, as he always does. When they arrived he was wearing this hat:  And later when he had this one:

And then he surprised us with the red leggings, and black jacket with rivets. And I loved it. The thing I don`t quite get it are those weird things on hi head on the first picture. 

And then there was the army outfit and the last one the silver-ish outfit.

I have to say that all 4 guys looked amazing and their performance was awesome like always.

And the last pictures from the airport.

And now I can`t wait for their new projects. 

Source of the pictures:

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