Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evolution of Tokio Hotel Durch den monsun

Today I was listening to random Tokio Hotel songs and of course came across Durch den monsun. And here is Durch den Monsun from their tours. I swear after listening to this song for a millionth time I still can`t get enough of it. It`s amazing.

1.) Schrei tour
I wish I could go back in time and see them live on this tour, they were so young aah. ;)

2.) Zimmer 483 tour
The second tour I also wasn`t part of it ;( I wish I would be.

3.) Welcome to Humanoid City tour
And yes finally the tour I was a part of. I went to see them on the 30th March 2010 in Vienna,Austria. Best day of my life. And I`m hoping to see them as soon as possible.

When I look at those videos I always think about how awesome must be when you are singing up there and the whole crowd sings with you and love you ;)

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