Sunday, March 6, 2011

Comet 2011 without Tokio Hotel?

Everything points to the possibility that this year the Comet 2011 will be without Tokio Hotel. Wait! German awards without the most successful band in the last 20 years? Are you kidding me? Sure they weren`t at the show in 2009 but they were still nominated in one category and no surprise they won. The rumor has it that this year they won`t be nominated in any category due to the fact that the group has not made any album since 2010, no new singles. And it looks like the Japanese outcome album "Darside of the sun", has no value in this award ceremony.

But come on, what about in 2009 when they got nominated in category Best Online Star? What about that category?

Anyway I bet if they won`t be nominated in any category and they won`t come to awards it will be really boring show and I won`t even watch it.

Not to mention there are millions of angry fans, who are already writing to Viva.

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