Sunday, March 6, 2011

6th of March 2011

Today I`m really angry about some things, and I`ve decided to let it all out. I`m sure you are familiar with the situation where you had to do a project for school with another classmate (and the one that you`ve got wasn`t  exactly your first choice). Well my situations looks something like this:
Me and my classmate had 3 months to do a project at one of the subjects. And on Tuesday we have to give the project to the teacher plus we have to present it to the class. I`ve done my part of the project; which is way more than half of the whole project about 3 weeks ago. And guess what. Two days before our deadline, she still hasn`t sent me her part of the project. And I am so so mad!! I want to get a good grade so basically I`m waiting for her part of the project plus I have to finish all together with her part so it looks ok and then I have to print it.

Tomorrow I have English test and I hope everything goes according to my plan which is to get an A.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

PS: And sorry for my mistakes If I made any.

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