Saturday, March 26, 2011

Closer to the new concert

Ok so a couple a days ago I met with my friends and one of them mentioned the upcoming concert of 30 Seconds to Mars, which will take place in Zagreb,Croatia and that country is my neighbour country. And she said she is definitely going and then the other friend said she will go too. So the whole thing started to be very interesting and tempting. And it was weird; for some reason I wanted to go on the concert even though I knew only one of their songs. So I said I`ll see if I`ll go. And when I came home I listened to the whole Cd This is War and it is awesome! Thank god she started the talk about the concert. And now I`m  determined to go. I have also checked some of the live footage and their energy during their performances is awesome, I love that he (Jared) sinks into the crowd and all that.
So on the 10th of May I`m going to another concert. Can`t waitttt!

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