Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Loved it today! I`ll have to go to bed early because of work, but only for two more days and then I have all the time in the world for whatever I`ll want to do :)
Today I met with one of my best friends, we went to Cacao and had ice-cream then went window shopping, and I found this really cute Calvin Klein wallet that was on sale and it only costs 40€ so I`m thinking of buying it since my wallet is falling apart. Then we searched around and found Guess bags, (omg so cute!!!) and they are also on sale so I`m also thinking of buying one really cute for only 130€, still pretty expensive but it is Guess. Then we went to Romeo (mexican restaurant) mmm I really like mexican food :) I had such a great time.
Talk to you tomorrow :*

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