Sunday, July 22, 2012

It`s been a long time since I came around....

...been a long time, but I`m back in town!
Omg yes, it has been for ever, I jut had so many things in school, and then when my summer holidays started  a month ago I was so tired I wanted to do nothing but just relax. Then after my birthday (yes I turned 18 on the 2nd of July :DI  celebrated with my family and then I took my friends out for drinks. And now I`m planning on big party in September or maybe October.) I started working and well that pretty much kept me busy. I work at a gas station, 8 full hours on my feet, cleaning car`s windows. And I`ll finish  working at the end of July, and you know what that means for August; parteyy!
Right so I actually had a plan to post every day since I have holidays but so far I haven`t been successful at that. I actually can`t believe it`s already 22nd of July, that gives me one good month of my holidays, before I head back to high school, for my senior year. Can`t believe how fast those three years passed by.

Oh right did I mention, I cut my hair, like really cut it for half of my length ;)
My birthday with my family. I celebrated it a few days before my actual birthday.
2nd of July, turning 18!
 My awesome friends gave me gift in this very bag :D Sorry for not uploading more pictures but they asked me not to put them here :) More pictures from party I`ll have in the fall.
My sister and I on our girls night out, oh it was so good, we had so much fun!

Before/after picture

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