Sunday, January 29, 2012

Listy do M. (Letters to Santa)

Yesterday and my friend decided to go to the movies and we watched Listy do M. I heard all the best about this movie and I can say it really is as good as they say. I absolutely loved it. If you like/love Love Actually you are going to enjoy this movie as well. It puts you in the Christmas spirit so this movie is definitely going to be on my Christmas move list next year. But I`m sure I`ll watch it at least a dozen times before that :)
Have you seen the movie? 

And today I went out with Cindy ad my friend and her dog we had a really nice time :)


  1. I haven't seen (nor heard) of this movie. I have heard of Love Actually but have yet to see it. I guess I'm way behind on the movie scene!

    It sounds really sweet, though :) I'll have to give it a go. Wonder if it's on Netflix....


  2. I only don`t know if there are already English subtitles, since it is a Polish movie. :)