Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 Seconds To Mars, Zagreb, 10.6.2011

OMG!!!! Where can I start? Well yes, on the 10th of June I and my friends went to see 30 Seconds To Mars in Croatia, Zagerb (Mars festival). It was insane. It was sooo good.
We were really close to the stage. I could almost touch it. The crowd was pushing me from left to the right side all the time, so at times I was a bit scared but it was ok. And Jared stopped at one song and said we have to take 3 steps backwards, because people fell, twice. I know he is awesome!
After 3 songs, I had to go a bit backwards, because the crowd was pushing me too much. But I was still so close.
It was the best! One of my friends almost made it to the stage at the last song Kings and Queens, but one girl pushed away. Well at least she touched Jared, and he was already holding her around the waist.
Anyway we had a great time. And I can`t wait to see them again.
Here are some pictures.
This is the one Jared made it, with us and Tomo:

And my pictures:
  My shoes after the concert haha ;)

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