Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Second semi-final

Two days ago was first semi-final and today is the second. Did you watch it? Are you going to watch it today?

First of all I love the stage and the whole arena it`s so beautiful. But I have to say that I wasn`t impresed with the songs from the first semi-final, in my opinion they were pretty bad, with two exceptions; I liked Azerbaijan`s song and Finland`s. But I heard that songs from second semi-final are better. My country is in the second semi-final and yes I hope we come to the finals :) This year our song is actually good (it`s Maja Keuc - No One) and I really like it. Last year our song was a cmplete disaster.

Can`t wait to see all  the other songs and if we come to final.

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