Thursday, May 26, 2011

26th of May

Wow can`t believe it`s almost June. I haven`t been posting anything lately due to my exams in school.
In numbers:
- 14 days until concert of 30 Seconds To Mars in Zagreb ;)
- 28 days until my trip to Paris with school  <3
- 29 days until official start of summer holidays

So how you`ve been? I have to say I miss Tokio Hotel seeing  in public so I can`t wait for the 3rd of June when they will be performing in Russia.
Also I became even bigger fan of Lady Gaga, and I`m absolutely excited about her new album Born This Way. It is sooo good and I can`t wait to buy a copy of a cd, but I know I`ll have to wait for some time because we always get new albums with big delay here in my country.

 Love this song!

 Tomorrow I`m going to the movies with my friend, so it will be pretty good day.

Peace&Love + Baby I was born this way!


  1. I lovee the beach photo! Amazing! I wish you good luck in the exams :)

    Kisses xXx

  2. Thanks, I will definitely need it ;)