Saturday, October 8, 2011

A true gentleman

Yesterday happened something so nice and unexpected that I have to share it with you. Simply because these kind of things don`t happen to me on a daily basis.
So yesterday was raining, not drizzling. Pouring rain. I, of course forgot my umbrella at home. And that was a problem because I had PE after the 5th period. The gym is 2 min away from school, so I decided to run so I would be there as fast as possible. While I was running, I passed a boy and just aftermath I heard him calling: "ma`am, ma`am!" not girl, or woman but ma`am. At first I didn`t realize he was calling me because people don`t call me like that, but then he ran after me and said: "step under my umbrella" and I was so shocked, I mean the boy was probably 10 or 11 years old. And when we had to split ( he went forward, I had to turn right and I only had  3 steps to make to the gym) he said sorry I can`t walk you to the door. I mean how nice is that? He was so polite and just so nice. When he grows up any girl will be lucky to have him. He will be a true gentleman.
So needless to say that made my day absolutely great. And I just need to say THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, I know you are not reading this but I hope I made clear how appreciative I was and still am.

PS: I apologize for any mistake I made, English is not my mother tongue

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