Thursday, September 22, 2011

What`s new, Part 1

So a lot has happened since I last talked to you. My summer holidays ended, and I`m back in school for almost a month. Yes I`m already a junior and I can hardly believe it myself.
But lets go back to my summer vacations.
To review  in a few words; not much have happened. I didn`t go to the sea side, I was home all the time, working for my dad, reading, being lazy, and when it wasn`t too hot I went out for a walk with my dog. The only exciting thing was one day trip to Austria to visit my sister who works and lives there. And I am so so proud of her. I guess I could say she is kinda my role model. She lives 1h and 30 min away from Vienna, so me, my dad and younger sister went to visit this beautiful city. It was amazing, even though we`ve seen just a bit of this gorgeous city. I had the chance to finally go to my favorite store; Forever 21. The best part was, that I wasn`t expecting to see it there. And yes of course I had to buy something.( I will show you the dress I got tomorrow).
Other than that this year`s holidays were pretty boring. But next year I`m turning 18, so I really need to save the money to go anywhere I want. Can`t wait.
School is... well school. I am still facing the same problems as last year,though this year I`m determined to get over them.
Oh the latest news? I am freaking going to another concert of 30 Seconds To Mars in November!!! Yes I am soo happy about it. I thought when I saw them in June it`s gonna be the last time, since they`ve said they need a break after this tour. But no, 26th of November is going to be super-great-aswesome day! 
Oooh and yes for those Tokio Hotel fans Bill is blond. But I`m sure you all know that by now. I guess he`s back to the original (his natural color is dark blonde).
PS: I apologize for any grammatical mistake.


 Starbucks ;)

My mom`s 48th birthday :)
 And the cake I made for her.

Ok that`s it for now. 

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